Welcome to the Anglican Parish of Box Hill

Covid 19 Pandemic:

All public worship services and activities at the Anglican Parish of Box Hill have been suspended till further notice.

While our church building is closed our church community continues with online worship and an increased ministry of one-to-one connections via the phone or internet.

We are English, Mandarin and Dinka speaking congregations

living together in one faith community.

We strive to be faithful to God and inclusive of all people.

We worship in the broad Anglican tradition at St Peter’s Church

 1038 Whitehorse Road Box Hill.


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Normal Sunday service times at St Peter’s, Box Hill, are:

08.00am Communion service – in English                                                             
09.30am Choral Eucharist service – in English                          
11.30am Chinese service – in Mandarin
02.00pm Sudanese service – in Dinka

On the 3rd Sunday of the month our Family and Children’s Service at 10am replaces the usual Choral Eucharist Service (9.30am)

Weekday services: Wed 10.30am / Fri 7.30am

The Diocese has launched a new  Child Safe Code of Conduc