Weddings / Funerals



Wedding services at St Peter’s are, of course, Christian in their values and Anglican in their traditions. The service is selected from either of the prayer books currently used in Anglican Churches in Australia. Couples are encouraged to make the service their own by the choice of music, readings and hymns (if that is their wish). Services are a blend of seriousness and celebration.


Initial enquiries are made through the Church Office with the Administration Officer. If the date of your choice is available you will be asked to make an appointment to meet the Vicar to discuss your wedding plans and to confirm the date and time of service. Please bring to that meeting a list of questions you have concerning any aspect of the wedding arrangements. The Vicar will explain the legal and church requirements regarding weddings as well as answer your questions.


Couples are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity of their approaching marriage to strengthen the positives of their relationship through participation in one of the government approved pre-marriage education courses. Information brochures will be distributed at the first interview. The course is not mandatory.


There are several legal forms which are completed with the celebrant. He will guide you in this process. In addition you will need to establish your legal age by producing a full birth certificate (or a current foreign passport, if you were not born in Australia). This takes place at a second interview three months before the service.

The minimum legal notice for marriage in Australia is a calendar month and one day.


Closer to the date of your wedding you will be put in contact with the Director of Music who will work with you on the selection of music to enhance your service. The fine pipe organ is the principal musical instrument in the building. Other choices are available and include instrumental groups and soloists. Recorded music does not work well in this building and may contravene copyright laws.


Human beings have sensed the mystery of death, and the pain of grief since time immemorial. Every society has developed rites to mark the passage from life through death and to commemorate the dead. The Christian Church has funeral rites in which we honour and mourn the departed and lay to rest their mortal remains while placing our hope in God’s promise to bring new and unending life from death.

The funeral service leads mourners through a process and ritual journey in which the loss of one we love is acknowledged and thanks are given to God for the gift of their life and our place within it. Then we listen and respond with the scriptures in which the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is proclaimed as the promise of new life. Finally, we take our leave of the one we love as their last earthly journey to a place of rest begins.

Standing and weeping beside the grave of his friend Lazarus, Jesus said: “I am the resurrection and life,” says the Lord. “Those who believe in me, even though they die, yet will they live.” Gospel of John 11.25-26

For more information please contact the parish directly.